Welcome to the Hello Fifth Blog!

I'm Jill and I started teaching in 2003.  I've always wanted to be a teacher; some of my fondest childhood memories include playing school with my little brother and stuffed animals.  
Attending the Ron Clark Academy in 2018 was a career highlight.  Send me back!
I started out my career teaching first and then moved to third.  After five years, I had a baby and went on maternity leave.  That maternity leave turned into a six year leave (and two more babies).  I always knew I wanted to get back into the classroom and was thrilled when the opportunity presented itself.
I love teaching, even when I'm missing the letter A from the word, "Snap."
I went back into teaching in a new district and as a part-time reading specialist.  I loved it but longed for my own classroom again.  I was fortunate enough to get hired full-time and now teach at the same elementary school that *I* attended.  It's a dream come true and I still get emotional because I'm so happy.  I taught second upon returning but have called fifth grade my home for the longest.
Grand Canyon was fun, aside from the fact that I was terrified one was going to fall off the edge.  Stressful.
Outside the classroom, my family keeps me busy and I wouldn't have it any other way.  They are my cheerleaders and I am theirs.
Taking a selfie with a llama in Peru.  No biggie.
 I love Target, Coke Zero, reading, Netflix, podcasts, and traveling.  I never leave home without giant earrings and if I could be transported anywhere RIGHT IN THIS MOMENT, I'd pick Epcot.  I cry every single time I walk into that place.  I create resources for our classroom and other classrooms and I am constantly humbled to see these lessons being used across the world.  It truly means so much to me.
I'm honored you've stopped in and I love connecting with others.  The passion of other teachers fuels me!


  1. I love following you on Instagram. You are so inspirational but also so realistic, which is the perfect Instagram combo! Can't wait to read more on your blog. Congrats on starting it, I know it'll be great!

    1. Oh thank you! I really appreciate this and am thankful you're along with me!

  2. I just subscribed to your blog! I am excited to read all you have to share.

  3. I absolutely adore everything that you share! Truly one of the teachers I look up to most!

  4. I love your blog and have taken away so many wonderful ideas. I would love to hear more about your reading block and how your run small groups, what others are working on and how you hold them accountable.

  5. I love your blog and follow you on Instagram. I would love to know if you have a list of all the children's books you use as read alouds throughout the year. Also, how often do you read aloud during a week?

  6. Books kids love and parents and teachers love to read aloud

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