What We Love: Blocks Rock!

Throughout the next few months, I'm going to be highlighting of our very favorite classroom resources and why not start with one the kids beg for?!

Blocks Rock is the game but it's actually far more than a game.

I first got this game, as a gift, a few years ago.  I remember bringing it straight to the classroom and introducing it to a small group of kids during soft start Fridays (to read more about that, click HERE).

That little group attracted quite a crowd and I ended up teaching the WHOLE class how to play.  Which then meant, they all obviously wanted to play right that minute!

The set itself comes in a cloth, zippered case, which has held up PERFECTLY under the constant use of fifth graders.  The pieces all fit perfectly, with a guide to show students how to clean up.

Students can select from two different decks to play.  My students are always divided over which is the "hardest," so they actually love playing from both.

The game is made for two BUT we almost always have a "ref" there to supervise, and then the ref plays the winner.  This is why I love fifth graders: they come up with their own structures that just make me smile!

From there, they flip the card and use the blocks to BUILD what they see on the card.  This is SO awesome for spatial reasoning, logic, and critical thinking.  Whoever completes it first, rings the bell and you typically hear a cheer that follows.  I love it.

Blocks Rock is a great game that can be played during a rainy day recess, a Fun Friday option, or during morning choice time.

As I watched my students love Blocks Rock, and repeatedly select it, I got another set for my own children.  It's become a whole family favorite.  My seven year old loves it just as much as my thirteen year old!

Our soft start materials stay in this Ikea cabinet.  Read more about soft starts HERE.
To shop other items that my students love during soft starts, click HERE.

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