Holiday Gift Guide 2019

I absolutely LOVE buying presents for family and friends!  I start early (as in, right before Halloween) because I try and put as much thought into it as possible.

It truly is a joy and Amazon made it even MORE joyful.  Ha!

So, welcome to the Hello Fifth Holiday Gift Guide (capital letters to make it official), where you will tap into my brain and see what I would love to give a teacher.  

Two things:

1. These are my own views and opinions.  No one is sponsoring me or paying me to say these things.  I'm kind of sad to have to say that but we live in a weird day and age (now I sound old).  Please know that these are things I have and love.  

2. I've tried to link everything to Amazon purely because Amazon seems to have become the international language of shopping.  I don't do Amazon affiliate links, though I probably should, but that's another story for another day.

Okay.  On with it.  HERE WE GO (in no particular order)! 

PS: I've added prices BUT Amazon changes so don't hold me to these, k?

Fun Gifts for the Teacher and Classroom

These are just amazing.  They write beautifully, the colors are vibrant, and they can make grading any essay just a tad more thrilling.

Friends.  Ditch the Expos and buy these.  Buy them for yourself, your colleague, and your principal.  They're so good.  Trust.

I know it's not the cheapest but it's the best.  There.  I said it.  This is my personal favorite pack and when I think of heaven, I think of rows of these colors.  These are sure to make ANY teacher's holiday a little more... neon.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know my deep-rooted love of these little sticks of happiness.  As my students work (primarily in math), I walk around and give swipes on the backs of hands that are connected to students working hard.  If they get a swipe, they know they got the answer correct.  These are such a huge hit and again, just trust me.  If fifth graders lose their minds over these, then anyone will (I think).

While I definitely feel like they've raised the price on this guy, it's still a really fun addition to our classroom.  The kids love spinning it and it comes with a variety of mats to use.  We use one where I've written all their names on it and it's used to call on students.  It'd be a fun gift.

We use these with soft starts but they're so versatile.  My kids LOVE them and always gravitate toward them.  Give the gift of creative thinking!

These are our two classroom rules and I love how it's on a scroll.  Buy one for your teacher friend and buy one for your house.  I tell it to my children all the time.

I found this set at Costco and it was a steal at $50.  But, any teacher would love any book that can be added to any library.  Also, I would really love this set.  Who Was books are my JAM.

Gamification is huge with me so help a teacher out and buy Pie Face!  These kinds of games instantly increase engagement.  Just add whipped cream.

There are fifty bajillion packs now on Amazon and my kids FLIP OUT OVER THESE.  They can put them on their devices, water bottles, pencil boxes... anything but the furniture or windows.  These would be a super fun gift.  In fact, I always go through new packs and snag a few for myself.

Gifts for the TEACHER

Once upon a time, I tried another planner because I thought, "How different could it be?!"
It was, in fact, very different.  I ran back to my girl, Erin, the following year and have never looked back.  Also, these markers are a DREAM for writing inside.  One year, my class gifted me my next year's planner and I literally (truly) screamed.  Do that for another teacher. 

Nesting Organizer Trays: $34

These Erin Condren goodies make my desk feel so put together.  The kaleidoscope one holds my Coke Zero, which I removed for this shot (you're welcome).

Also, since they're here and I love them and would recommend them, the mug is Rae Dunn and from HomeGoods (via the sweetest 2nd Grade Sassy Pants) and this hilarious kickback to Parks and Rec mug (and my hero, Leslie Knope), found HERE for $15.

Erin Condren Accessories: $6.50-$14

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  I think that's how it goes?  So make it easier on everyone by treating a teacher to some planning goodies!  These are my current faves.  The ruler is beautiful, the pens make me feel like a legit hand lettering pro, and the metal page markers are the best I've ever used. 

 Gifts to TREAT the Teacher

Planner Bag Metallic Platinum (my personal fave): $78
THE perfect bag to hold your planner so you can JAM.  I love this bag but it comes in black and maroon canvas, too.  It shimmers and makes me happy and what more can you want from a bag?!

Unconventional yet soothing.  I highly recommend.  I love to take a bath, climb into bed, and turn my lamp on.  The glow is really pretty beautiful and helps relax me.  It would make a special gift, and in fact, wouldn't it be cool in a calming corner or writing center, too?!  Now I need a second... 

Bath and Body Works Triple Wick Candles: $14.50
 I love them all but I have to say that this eucalyptus one is my current absolute obsession.  I mean, the label SAYS stress relief!!  Buy one or two or ten for the people in your life that could use less stress.

My Funny Little Fashion Faves

Bow Knot Headbands: $12
 Bad hair day?  Wear one.  Cute hair day: Instantly made cuter.  These headbands, truthfully, make me feel a little more put together and that alone is a gift.

Tassel Earrings: $15
Focus not on quality but on quantity.  I'd flip out to receive 30 pairs of earrings!  These are all the tassels my little heart could hold!  I love big earrings so this would be right up my alley.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I own a solid 95% of these.

Alright, that's what I've got BUT if I think of anything else, I'll add it.

Happy shopping!

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