Classroom Spirit Squad Jobs

A sense of a strong classroom community is incredibly important to me so it seems reasonable that I’d purchase fifteen sets of pompoms, right?


I may not have been a cheerleader but I do love cheering on my students, and also, encouraging students to cheer on each other.

Hence, our spirit jobs were born and they’ve been a fun, powerful addition to our classroom for several years.

While my kids DO apply for jobs and make money (you can read more about that HERE), this is more of a whimsical way to knit your students together in a positive way.  They don’t complete a job application for these and they change weekly (or bi-weekly, depending on our schedule).  We select during our morning meetings, typically on Mondays.

I print out this page (found HERE) and laminate. Once we select people for each position, I just write their names on it with Expo marker.  So simple and easy.  We also keep this displayed up on our front board, along with our other morning meeting items.

During morning meeting, I ask if we have anyone who want to fill each role and I pick anywhere from 2-6 people for each job.  It’s really up to you.  NOT everyone will get a position and that’s okay.  We learn to take turns.

Alright, job specifics.  They’re fun. 

Spirit Squad: Enter the pompoms.  These are at pretty much all dollar stores and since they’re not made to last a bunch of kids shaking them, I usually have to replace here and there.  I store ours in this basket and after morning meeting, members of the squad will grab one before heading to their spot in the room.

The spirit squad is our group of enthusiastic encouragers.  When someone answers a question correctly or does something stellar, I say, “Spirit squad!”  Members of the squad shake their pompom for a whopping three seconds (try it; it’s a good amount of time).  Not on the spirit squad?  They still join in by doing sparkle fingers (silent waving of fingers) at the student in the spotlight.

Help Desk: My personal favorite!  I elect several students for this because a) they love it and b) it helps me the most.  They get a desk plate (you can either print and fold to make a paper tent (HERE) or you can print and frame. I use the acrylic frames from Dollar Tree. 

Help Desk members must always be paying close attention to everything because if I’m working with a small group and a student has a question, THEY are the ones to answer.  It’s so simple but hugely helps me!  The help desk may even answer questions during transitions, as they are always available to their peers.

Neighborhood Watch: So I’ll be honest.  This position tends to morph, depending on your class.  Initially, it was a position created for students to spot acts of kindness, which would then be shared out during morning meeting the following day.

A couple years ago, I had two neighborhood watch kids explain to me what neighborhood watch is really for in, you know, “the real world.”  They asked if they could keep an eye out for people breaking the rules and an element of that stuck.  When my students go to music or lunch or anywhere I am not, they will come and report back (usually written on a sticky note) if anyone was unkind or disrespectful. 

They take this position SO seriously.  It’s probably the most intense of our spirit jobs.

Recess Runner: This is a fun job and takes place during recesses.  I pick a few students and they have two jobs, but you could adapt to fit your own needs.  The first part is they “run” around at recess and make sure no one is lonely or struggling.  We talk about ways to reach out, and it’s often as simple as a, “Hello!  How are you?”

The second part of this position is to run around and make sure all playground equipment has been brought in.  This is VERY exciting because it means they get to a) run around the field once everyone else has gone in and b) they get to be about 1 minute late to class.  Ha!

So there you have it!  We go over each role at the beginning of the year and all appointments of spots take place during our morning meetings. 

Any questions?  Feel free to ask below and you can grab the sign ups and desk plates HERE!


  1. What awesome ideas. Thanks for sharing. I am looking at the picture on the bottom and wondering about the round wreath like thing beside your morning meeting sign. Could you tell me about that?

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